Know-How Much Proteins Women Need in a Day

Know-How Much Proteins Women Need in a Day

Proteins are very important in making muscles, organs, skin, enzymes, hormones, etc. in the body, these small molecules perform many important functions in our body. According to physical activity and age, the requirements of each person’s protein are different, especially in women, they also need protein to control weight.

There are 20 types of amino acids in our body, out of which 8 are essentially called amino acids because the body can not make them themselves. Therefore it is very important to take them through the diet. The remaining 12 amino acids can be called unnecessary because our bodies can produce them. Proteins are made of small molecules, called amino acids. These amino acids join together and form a chain of proteins.

Calories Burns Proteins

The body needs more energy to digest a diet rich in protein. Therefore, during the digestion of the proteins, calories (fat and carbohydrate) are burned in the body. In this way, consuming protein, the weight of the body remains normal.

What is the amount of protein required?

Every person needs protein in different quantities according to their body. It depends on the height and weight of the person. The intake of protein in the right amount depends on many things like how active you are, what is your age? What is your muscle mass? How’s your health?

Understand this as the average requirement of proteins

If your weight is normal, you do not exercise too much and do not take the weight, then you need an average of 0.36 to 0.6 grams per pound (0.8 to 1.3 grams per kilogram weight) protein. 56 to 91 grams daily for an average male and 46 to 75 grams daily for an average female.

Protein deficiency can be dangerous

Some parts of the body are made of proteins. Therefore, protein deficiency can be dangerous for the body. In particular, women should take great care of protein in their diet. Our skin, hair, and nails are made of protein only. The first effect of this is its lack of attention. The hair not only gets very thin but also falls. There are so many deficiencies in the proteins that cracks appear on the nails and the layers also begin to descend on the skin.

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