Health Care-Health Benefits of Cold Showers

Health Care-Health Benefits of Cold Showers

Even though most of the individuals prefer a warm shower to a cold shower, it is indeed a fact that having cold showers can be extremely beneficial both physically and mentally. The following are the major benefits:

  • The elevated rate of respiration
  • Maintain a normal heart rate
  • Increased alertness
  • Maintains Normal blood pressure
  • Helps in maintaining the ample body temperature and subsequent enhancement of body metabolism
  • Boosts the body energy and thereby makes a person physically active
  • Enhances immunity (A recent study has proved that those who take cold showers are less likely to miss school or work because of being sick.
  • Lightens and boosts the mood ( since it boosts the sympathetic nervous system and subsequently, results in the increased secretion of certain neurotransmitters which helps reduce the depressive symptoms) (Please do not replace your prescribed medication for depression with cold showers)
  • Faster cooling after sports and other physical activities. (ex: cold water therapy used by athletes)
  • Quicker physical recovery (Coldwater immersion and Contrast Water Therapy can help enhance the process of recovery and simultaneously reduce the feeling of exhaustion)
  • Decreased rates of pain (studies have proved the local anesthetic-like effects of cold water for pain relief)

One need not have an entire shower with cold water. A brief cold water shower can also help. It is also fine to start with a warm bath and then have a cold shower which lasts between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Coldwater therapy can be practiced with a continuous cold water shower for 5-10 minutes. Studies suggest that the best temperature for a cold water shower is about 68°F (20°C). However, it is possible that the perception of cold water shower can change with the individual preferences of water temperature.


  • Don’t replace any medication with cold water shower
  • People with lower immunity power must be cautious while taking a cold shower.
  • People with heart ailments must take cold showers only after consulting the physician.
  • Though many believe that cold showers help in weight loss, there is no research back up for these claims

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