Do You Know Common Risk Factors for Kidney Cancer

Do You Know Common Risk Factors for Kidney Cancer

Risk Factors for Kidney Cancer

Common Risk Factors for Kidney Cancer: Whatever the kidneys are doing, it can cause many problems. There is an increased risk of kidney cancer, especially in the kidneys. Kidney cancer is one of the most common diseases in the world. Cancer often attacks someone over the age of 45. And there are risk factors for this cancer.

Risk factors are those that increase the risk of cancer. Although many people get cancer due to risk factors, they often don’t directly attack a person. Many risk factors do not cause cancer. Cancer can sometimes be caused by unknown factors. Now let’s look at the risk factors for kidney cancer.

1. Smoking-Common Risk Factors for Kidney Cancer

Smoking increases the risk of kidney cancer twice as much. It is believed to be associated with a 30% risk of kidney cancer in men and a 25% risk of kidney cancer in women.

2. Gender

The risk of kidney cancer is two to three times higher for men than for women.

3. Ethnicity

Statistics show that black people are the most affected by kidney cancer.

4. Age

Kidney cancer is most commonly seen in adults. It is found in people between 50 and 70 years of age.

5. Body Weight-Common Risk Factors for Kidney Cancer

Studies have found that bundle is associated with obesity and kidney cancer. So people with obesity should get down right away.

6. High Blood Pressure

If men have high blood pressure, they are at increased risk of kidney cancer. So if you have a blood pressure problem, try to keep it under control.

7. Painkillers-Common Risk Factors for Kidney Cancer

Benzidine, a substance rich in painkillers, has been banned in the US since 1993 Because it is associated with the development of cancer cells. Similarly, diuretics and analgesics such as aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen have also been linked to kidney cancer.

8. Cadmium Exposure

Some studies have reported an association between metallic substance cadmium exposure and kidney cancer. For those who work in battery companies, paint companies or welding stores, the risk of kidney cancer is high.

9. Chronic Kidney Disease

Studies have found that people who have several days of poor kidney function are at higher risk for kidney cancer.

10. Multi-day Dialysis

Those who have been on dialysis for several days are more likely to develop cancerous tumors in the kidneys. Often, those who perform dialysis can detect the onset of cancer and remove it before it spreads.

11. Ancestry

People with hereditary kidney cancer have a higher risk of developing kidney cancer. So if anyone in your lineage has kidney cancer, the family can check the kidney once before the age of 50 to reduce the severity of the disease and fix it early.

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