Body Fitness – What To Eat Before & After The Workout?

Body Fitness - What To Eat Before & After The Workout ?

What To Eat Before and After The Workout?

This is a very important question and a lot of people are confused with this question. Now I’m going to tell you what to eat and when to eat, and that’s different for each of us according to our goals.

What to eat before a workout? You can have protein and crab-based meal 1 hr before a workout. You need protein because you don’t want your muscles to lose. During exercise, it will keep your body anabolic. Protein has amino acids that prevent muscle breakdown.

I am not speaking specifically about protein supplements here. I am talking about Protein Nutrients. For example, if you consume 3-4 egg whites, the proteins in egg whites will prevent your muscle loss during the workout. And the carbohydrates which you will have will provide you the energy to finish the workout. The glucose and amino acids can be obtained from Carbs and Proteins.

Avoid consuming fats as it slows down the digestion and absorption of food. We don’t want your food to sit down in your stomach during the workout. You may feel bloated during the workout, which feels uncomfortable and demotivating.

You can have 3-4 Egg whites and a banana 60 min. before your workout. We need to consume our pre-workout meal at least 1 to 1 and a half hr before our workout as food takes time to break down. Your stomach should be empty when you are at the gym. You don’t want food sitting down in the stomach and you feel hard to breathe during the workout. If you are doing cardio then its the worst thing to do with food in your stomach.

Now some advanced lifter might use a pre-workout supplement 30 minutes before their workout, which is absolutely fine. If you are not having pre-workout supplements then you can have black coffee 30 minutes before workout. Black coffee has caffeine which gives mental focus and concentration during the workout. So caffeine is very helpful before a workout.

What to eat after The Workout?

After exercise, its the recovery time and many people mess this area. After a workout, you need nutrition and immediate recovery. When you work out your muscles get to break down and it takes time to recover. So, it’s very important that all the nutrients, we are talking about amino acids should go inside your muscles so that it helps recover your muscles in the next 24 hrs. You have to make sure you get the amino acids to start the recovery process post-workout.

Consuming proteins post-workout is very important. It can be whey protein if you are using supplements or if you are not using supplement you can use egg whites. Make sure you avoid the egg yolks in the post-workout meal as it slows down the absorption and we need immediate recovery here.

With proteins, you need to add glucose in a post-workout meal. During the workout, your muscles are glycogen depleted and you need to refill the muscle glycogen and that’s why you need glucose. Any fast-digesting fruit like banana, apple, grapes, etc. can be added in a post-workout meal. So, this is an example of your post-workout meal.

Now after an hour, you need a proper food meal where you need all the nutrients like proteins, fats, carbs, vitamins, and minerals, etc. You need a big meal like brown rice, chicken, salads, veggies, etc. You have to add proteins, carbs, and healthy fats like Olive Oil, nuts & seeds.

Sample Meal Plan

  • One hour before workout: Caffeine – optional (Black Coffee) + Proteins (Egg whites) + Carbs (Banana)
  • Immediate after workout: Proteins (Egg whites/whey protein) + Fact acting carbs (White rice or any fruits)
  • One hour after workout: Complex carbs (Brown rice) + Chicken + Veggies & Salads with olive oil dressing

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